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We Are Always Improving

Why TengeVuli? 

At TengeVuli, our purpose is much more than creating innovative and unique products in fashion, interior design and arts, with African fabric at its core. TengeVuli seeks to bring to this world new, innovative and high-quality products made out of African fabric. We are promoting African fabric as an accepted, stylish and multifunctional fashion and design material all over the world. This ambition is based on a philosophy of positive social change. We employ Kenyans from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, coming from various communities, who cannot easily find employment. TengeVuli provides them a space to earn a living and to grow in knowledge and skills. It empowers them, their families, their communities.
Because we want to particularly support youth, we have partnered with an orphanage from where we take apprentices, especially young women, to assist them in gaining access to the job market. We are currently in the process of identifying a youthcentred CBO with which we want to collaborate to strengthen our social impact in Kenya.  


Honest and Dependable


We Are Always Improving


We Are Passionate

Values underlying our philosophy

To maximize positive social impact and empowerment, our products are
hand-made in Nairobi and we use as much locally sourced materials as possible. The Kitenge fabric we use is mostly bought in local markets in Nairobi, or in the wider Great Lakes region. With this, we support local entrepreneurs which in the fabric industry are often women. TengeVuli is social and fair: we prioritize capacity-building of our team and pay just salaries. Upcycling is part of our production process and we currently integrate elements of scrap materials in our products.




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